The nature of Bags

Using natural fibers, woven and vegetal color-dyes leathers, this collection of bags represents a classic mediterranean spirit that connects deeply with our nature and countryside. Therefore, the idea of this shoot was to make it clear, bringing the set to a lush backyard.

Playing with a white fabric as a background, overlapping the shadows of different leafs into the bags we create an intimate, enigmatic and mystical atmosphere.

shoot by Rita Puig-Serra and Yosigo

The collection was conceived with two styles: Teo handbag in three different colors – white, camel and black – and Olivia backpack in two colors – camel and black -. We used a combination of woven leather and plain leather for Teo handbag. And all trimmings selected were old gold color bath to give a vintage feeling to the pieces.

The entire production of this collection was crafty made in Barcelona, in a small workshop supporting local woman and man artisans.

Curious fact! These two styles were baptize with the persian cat names of our dearest friend Cris Quer: Teo and Olivia.