The Journal

by Christian Colomer and Ricardo Sanfeliu

This collection is very special for us because the brand is celebrating its tenth anniversary, a long journey growing up together with our customers and retailers. Improving the quality and comfort every season to offer a unique and premium product proudly and entirely made in Spain.

In this direction, the concept for the current collection has been The Journey, our own personal ten-years journey with te brand to the world. We’ve created a color palette that represents the earth from our eyes, and we’ve also developed so many different styles to walk through all the countries we have visited and the ones we will. Our dream is to walk you wherever you are and wherever you will go, because this journey is about us but also, and more important, is about you.

All the pictures in this book were shot on January 7th, 2020, by our friend and photographer Christian Colomer Cavallari and they belong to our newest collection fo Fall Winter 20/21.

Ricardo Sanfeliu, our friend and Christian’s work-life’s partner was in charge of the art direction of this campaign. They both are already part of About Arianne family and we love to shoot our campaigns with them.


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New York based model and actress Carmen Julia is the image of this photoshoot and she was as professional as kind and funny during the shoot. We share our roots with her because she’s originally from Valencia, having this Mediterranean aurea that feel very close to the brand spirit.

Last but not least, we would like to thank the amazing brands who help us build the outfits, matching perfectly with our color palette and personal styles. Special thanks to Patricia and Inés Monllor (RUS the brand), Stefania Borras (Datura) and Signe Roedbro (By Signe).