Still beauty with Emma

a story in collaboration with Emma Pardos Store
shot by Crista Leonard

Emma Pardos is a store located in Gracia, a neighborhood from Barcelona, and since March 2016, Emma Pardos store sells sustainable, well-crafted pieces, and unique style, from clothing and accessories to a select artist publications. You can find About Arianne selected shoes since September 2017.

clothes from Baserange and Giugiu

In this story we collaborated with the store to celebrate and announce that a special selection of our shoes from Autumn – Winter 2017/18 collection were being sold for the first time in the store. Crista Leonard, a portrait, documentary, fashion and still-life photographer based between Barcelona and New York, shot Danielle Dorchester (Blowmodels) in our studio with pieces from Emma Pardos store, like Baserange and Giugiu brands.