Retiro de Levante

a story by Christian Colomer

Palm trees, the sun, Mediterranean breeze, dunes, desserts, the sea and the reflections it makes… we took this unique tonal landscape and tried to contrast it with the colorful garments and trimmings that  Southern Mediterraneans citizens wears. So we wanted to create a very colorful collection paying special attention on details and settings, like rounded rings we use on some styles, hexagon heal, new shapes, etc. And moreover, regarding the materials in this collection, we introduce lamè fabric (metallic cotton thread that reminds us a lot to women clothings in this part of Mediterranen cities), bows made of silk, fabric pleats… trying to maintain our origins authenticity.

We envision a very strong woman who knows herself well. She’s versatile and can take our shoes from day to night with ease.

We started designing this collection at our studio in Barcelona but it was developed between this city and Elche, where we manufacture our shoes (and it’s also Ernest home town). Elche is like a sea of palm trees in the middle of a very dry landscape and inspired us to create a collection very reminiscent of Southern Mediterranean,  cities of countries like Turkey, Tunisia or Morocco.

That’s why, for the Retiro de Levante photoshoot we went back to our roots. Christian Colomer shot the beautiful poet Praxedes in Elche’s outskirts itself.