Manhattan’s heart

Last September we had the chance to make a collaboration with the Hesperios brand, who owns a beautiful place with an inside yard in the heart of Soho neighborhood. There, you can shop their exceptional pieces locally made in Peru or even just grab some coffee and have a good read.

Knitwear is the most distinctive fabric about Hesperios clothing, which goes perfectly together with our Fall Winter 2019 collection.

The photographer this time is Marisa Langley, who we met because of common friends from Williamsburg. We like very much her spontaneous and fresh attitude in front of the camera. All together agreed on ad-libbing for this photoshoot, while we could take pictures in special spots such as Manhattan city center’s empty streets.

We contacted with Nicole Della Costa to be our girl here. We already worked together a year ago and the results were stunning, besides she’s like a friends to us now; even more, we can say she’s one of our muses because of her grace natural acting that evokes our brand soul.

Walking around Little Italy neighborhood we find out the Elizabeth Street Garden, a secret backyard full of nature and sculptures. It is a very relaxing spot in the middle of Manhattan that feels very magical.

The colorful flowers shone charmingly and the sculptures seamed to be alive. You could feel in a mystic environment while inside.