Have a good time

a very special collaboration with visual artist and photographer Adriana Eskenazi
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In words of our friend Adriana, when she proposed this idea she said “Having a good time for me has to do with being able to distract yourself, even if you’re alone. This will be translate into images by showing attitude, irreverence and irony. Something that is missing in a lot of social media fashion content”. And we immediately wanted to do it, to do have with her and just make something different.

She is a very known photographer in Barcelona but she’s always exploring different sides of her artwork. We love her paintings and the universe she has created around what she likes most: food and design. The way she has to paint on her own photography to create new brand material is so unique and magic, so it was an honor to make something together.

You can discover more of her art and projects on her Instagram @adrianaeskenazi.

More friends. This was a shooting to have fun and the idea came from Adriana to collaborate with us and Xevi Fernandez, using their new SS21 collection with the see-through sets and the linen garments. Comfortable and unique pieces to have fun with and looking delicious… – plus sustainable and locally made, gurl!

You can find all the garments at their shop here: www.xevifernandez.com/shop

Thank you also to Laura Encursiva (photo assistant) and Ester Méndez (MUA).

This chair is called Silla 8 and it is part of Marc Morro's designs.
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