by Christian Colomer
with Adriana de Bordeaux

A change happened to the brand with this collection. We grew up in many aspects, including ourselves, as team, on our manufacturing, designs… and we needed to put all this into the new brand campaign and further shoots from now on.

Together with photographer Christian and Ricardo Sanfeliu – who took charge of the art direction here – we decided to transmite the elegance and maturity with a few simple but strong sets, combining fabrics and walls backgrounds with smart tailored woman suits, basing all this through three main colors: white, green and red. Besides, to express fineness and romanticism we talked to our friend and neighbour Carolina, who runs the project Matagalán Club and the person we trust the most for flowers and plants artwork. They help us to create different bucolic sets where we could see the beauty and grace of the nature between our studio walls, arriving to create huge gardens full of shoes, stunning!


Plants and flowers artwork made by Matagalán Club and Donna Stain.