Purity Mess

This is a strong collection marked by new square toes, specially on boots, new highs and great materials such as crushed patent leather, unique fabrics, velvet and carey. The colors are basically pulled out by a winter palette including light touches with nude, green soller and light grey. You can also find slingback sandals or ballerinas that we love to wear it with socks and tights during fall season.

The looks for this campaign were designed and made by our own team, considering the colors of the collection and including special fabrics to play with.


by Christian Colomer
with Mar Blanco at Cristian Herrara Dalmau workshop
video filmed and edited by Ricardo Sanfeliu

Mar Blanco is posing here to be the new About Arianne’s face. Her beauty and delicate silhouette flew like a dancer on the set, surrounded by Cristian Herrara Dalmau artwork. We did this photoshoot at Cristian’s workshop in Barcelona. He is a talented industrial designer and this place has the perfect atmosphere for what we wanted to create; full of under construction pieces, in the middle of living and working, this huge floor is located in a very industrial area and it has amazing views of Barcelona.

All the furnitures featuring are made by Cristian Herrara Dalmau. You can visit his work here.