First Bloom

– with Kiala Kanzi –

Seen by Christian Colomer and Ricardo Sanfeliu
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First Bloom is the first collection we designed apart from each other as a team, right after Barcelona went into lockdown. We wanted to create something that brought us joy and we needed light and colors so we got really inspired by gardens and blooming flowers, something we weren’t appreciating enough before having to stay at home for months.

Dahlia, Bluebell, Jasmine, Sunflower or Cattail are some of those flowers we have been thinking on a lot. But also we wanted to complement this with some patterns found on the nature like animal prints, which we always love!

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Shop Mel Night

For this Story we had garments from Liah, a fashion brand for women. Its collections explore the contemporary idea of comfort and elegance, with an approach that showcases details, the finishing touches. Simple garments with a timeless aesthetic, designed with a natural sense of beauty, unpretentious, and crafted with the finest natural materials.

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We also had garments from the bran 113 MAISON. Mariona Puig, photographer, and Jorgina Carrera, pattern maker,  founded 113 MAISON out of the desire to find common spaces for experimentation where projects integrating the two artistic disciplines could emerge.

Through a deep introspection on their relationship and their common Catalan roots they have sewn together a very unique and delicate universe in which they create handcrafted signature pieces with a rare and artistic approach to fashion.

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The beautiful Kiala Kanzi was the perfect choice for this shoot. She brought so much freshness and joy, just what we needed to go along the shoes.

Kiala is a jewelry designer from Berlin and  based in Barcelona, and her pieces combined perfectly with ours. It was a match made in heaven.