El Bell Estiu

Inspired by french director Éric Rohmer’s films, “El bell estiu” SS19 is about Marina enjoying a weekend in a farmhouse in the middle of a peaceful and inspiring place.

Where the walks through the wheat fields, the naps in the afternoon sun and the long starry nights are the greatest of pleasures. A quiet life with the routine and the enjoyment of small things as a way of life.

For this shoot, we went to a village very close to Montblanc surrounded by nature. “The Bell Estiu” is one of the most special photo shoots we have done, as you can sense the atmosphere behind it. A group of friends working together wanting to bring everything magical that we were living to the viewer. The magic of everyday life.

The still lifes and details of the place are very important in “El Bell Estiu” showing that everything that is happening behind the camera is real.

In this story our muse is our friend Marina Francisco, we had worked with her before. We love her naturalness and the way she is able to tell stories with her actions in front of the camera.

We see this shoot as little frames taken from a movie, as the movement and the actions are present all the time. More than just a shoot is a little story.