Dearest Isioma and Nane

pictured by Camila Fálquez
location Chinatown, New York City

We love to visit New York and our friends living there. We’ve been making new friends during our trips to this city and a photoshoot is always a good opportunity to collaborate with creative and inspiring people. That’s why we like to take advantage of our travels and bring this moments into our brand imagery. Organizing casual shoots is fun and stimulating, and if one adds to meet lovely people like Nane and Isioma even more!

We met Camila many years ago, when she was still living in Barcelona and we have been always in touch. We declare truly fans of her work! –  Check her website here and be impressed.

Another friend of us collaborating in this shoot is Stefania Borras, creative founder of Datura Studio: a curated line of timeless design and effortless femininity created for independent women. We connected very good with her since the first moment we met. Our brands have the same vision for fashion, finding the path where natural world meets our urban lifestyles and promoting slow fashion through sustainable processes of manufacturing. Her pieces are handmade in New York and her brand is definitely a conscious choice!