Château Rouge

with Jasmine and Mélodie
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This past September we were in Paris and enjoyed a beautiful morning in the Château Rouge neighborhood.

Clementine Passet photographed this story and decided to shoot it in the Château Rouge neighborhood because of its colorful streets, houses, and fruit markets.

The shoes used for this photoshoot belong to our Fall Winter 19-20 collection and we make complete outfits with garments from brands we love like Xevi Fernández, Babaà Knitwear and Amomento.

Xevi Fernández is a Barcelona-based and locally-made curated brand that promotes slow fashion industry through carefully manufacturing process, where materials and craftsmanship matter. For this shooting we have use the Maoist Suit in two different colors and the Pallengber raincoat in khaki green.

Babaà Knitwear is also made from local Spanish wool and cotton farmers and design to last. Simple, timeless knits to be cherished forever. We use their jumper nº35 in natural color.

Founded in 2016, Amomento is a women’s ready-to-wear project based in Seoul, Korea. Understated, effortless gorgeous, timeless classic is their major philosophy and it is projected into all the pieces. Here you can see Jasmine and Mélodie wearing their structure pants in black and natural color.

After taking a walk around the neighborhood we went to eat to a small cafe. We were inside while watching the raindrops hitting the floor, and it all felt cozy and autumny.