Bushwick inspiring

by Quique Cabanillas
with Nicole Della Costa

This photoshoot took place at Melissa and Quique’s apartment – workshop in the middle of Bushwick, a New York neighborhood with a special industrial attractiveness. Melissa is a jewels designer who runs her own brand Hernán Herdez and her boyfriend Quique Cabanillas is a talented photographer. Both are originally from Puerto Rico and based in New York.

This has been a very special collaboration for us since we all meet today after many time following each other’s work. Therefore, we had an instantly connection that makes work time really easy and fun, playing music non-stop and making a relaxed and natural background.

Nicole was acting for us here and from the very beginning it feels like friends. During the whole shooting she was giving the best ideas, smiles and talks!

The entire looks we used are related to the brand Ajaie Alaie
and all the silver jewelry pieces are Hernán Herdez work.

In this occasion we work with some of the styles belonged to our Spring Summer 2018 collection, like Galo, Selva, Brava, Coral and Tina.