Blooming Holidays

ikebana art and ceramics by Matagalán
photography by Julien Pounchou

Last year we made a collaboration with Matagalán where we shot shoes, ceramics and flowers into a chaotic set during a paint explosion. We called that “Chaos, nature and beauty”. This time, our idea was to create a similar set using the same elements but into a more sophisticate atmosphere.

Different fabrics and Ikebana flower art were the key to present the elements. We use our more festive styles according to this holiday season we are, gathering around with ceramic sets that combine better to the shoes colors.

We are very thankful to Carolina Spencer’s (Mataglán) work and Julien Pounchou’s eyes because the result was stunning and perfect to show our flat shoes details inside the most beautiful Japanese garden.

A short story about Ikebana!

It is, traditionally, the classical art of Japanese flower arranging; the meaning of the term was later extended to encompass all the various styles of Japanese floral art. Ikebana was introduced in Japan in the 6th century by Chinese Buddhist missionaries who had formalized the ritual of offering flowers to the Buddha. The first school of flower arranging in Japan, Ikenobō, was founded by Ono no Imoko in the early 7th century. Based on a harmony of simple linear construction and an appreciation of the subtle beauty of flowers and natural material, Ikebana has separated into several major schools according to historical periods and differing theories of artistic composition.