Big little world

During quarantine some of us just got bored and some used their free time to create beautiful things.  Fabi did ceramics before quarantine, but with so many free time, stuck at home and so much love for accessories, she re-created her favourite items, mini-sized.

A small collab with artist Fabi Guai
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Fabi creates every piece shaping the ceramic, even the little laces of the Mina. She then let the pieces cool down and once they are dry she polishes every shape, curve and edge with tools. Finally she patiently hand paints every detail of the shoe with little brushes and the cutest accessories are born!



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When we first saw About Ariannes mini shoes we fell in love, and we instantly wanted to collaborate. She made a mini version of her favourite styles of the Fall/Winter collection, and we shoot them with their big versions in our studio. It was so easy to work with Fabi, she was super engaged with the whole photo shoot, and we connected right away.


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