Suits so fine!

Seen by Tea Sirbiladze and David González.

For the longest time we had wanted to create a minimal 90’s inspired look. We envisioned the 90’s power suit aesthetic, on a powerful woman and nothing else, plain and simple backround, to keep all the attention on the model. When we found the beautiful Aissa we fell in love with her and knew right away we wanted her as the protagonist of the photoshoot, and she made it so easy, she knew exactly what we were looking for.  Tea, an amazing photographer from Barcelona, with David captured perfectly her strength and what we had in mind. From the minute we asked Tea to shoot this story and told her what we had in mind we were in tune and that made everything go so smoothly.

The best way to recreate this aesthetic we wanted was with actual 90’s suits combined with a suit from Xevi Fernández, a Barcelona based designer with whom we love to work with and pieces from Victoria Ortega’s graduate collection, an ode to strength and femininity.

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