Unexpected brunch

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And suddenly, there we are, in the middle of the Chinese New Year’s parade. How surprising and fun!

It was February 8th and we met with Andrés and Nicole at Lower East Side – Manhattan – to spend the morning together and take some pictures. We met Andrés Altamirano on Instagram a few years ago and we’d always talked about doing something together, since we both follow each other’s work with enthusiasm. Something chill and fun, nothing ambitious, as we like to do these natural and spontaneous shoots during our visits. Then, we called our NewYorker/Brazilian friend Nicole and she was immediately in. It’s always great to see your long-distance friends and spend some time together, plus getting good pictures!

We loved the authenticity of this part of New York. Colorful, diverse, friendly and yummy!! After a quick walk we were already starving, so we stopped in one of Andrés favorite places for Chinese brunch. It was delicious! Lot of different small plates were coming to the table and we couldn’t resist to taste them all, while Andrés was capturing every moment.

Full bellies – and happy hearts – we keep on walking by the neighborhood when music started coming to us. We turn our backs and the music came together with lots of dragons, confetti, big flags and drums. A great parade going through the streets of China Town. Beautiful dragon dances getting into every store blessing and giving good luck for the new year coming. We were all surrounded by this festivity and we felt very welcome to be part of it, like we were also blessed by the dragons.  It was a super fun day and these pictures are the result.

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To complete the looks we used garments from Allpamamas, Ajaie Alaie and B Sides jeans. 

Allpamamas is a sustainable fashion project based on intercultural collaboration through shared experiences. Designers and artisans join forces to create garments that reflect ancestral knowledge, craft techniques and respect for our Mother Earth. Their garments are designed thinking about the impacts that they will generate both in the production processes and in their later life. Each of their garments is unique and has its own identity.

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Favorite jeans! B Sides celebrates the beauty of imperfection: jeans that, like the sleeper song on a classic rock album, have an interesting story to tell. The difference is in the denim, sourced from family-owned mills in Georgia and North Carolina that have provided workwear textiles to farm supply stores since the 19th century. Pleasingly weighty yet comfortable to wear, the materials have a depth and texture unlike anything seen since the ’70s. In their own words: B Sides jeans are discreet classics with character—the sort of offbeat favorites you’ll reach for years to come.

Ajaie Alaie is a Brooklyn-based womenswear label creating handmade garments that are inspired by movement, comfort, and the art of loving oneself. Using only sustainable, biodegradable textiles, they work exclusively with small manufacturers who provide fair pay, opportunities for growth, and unique artisan craftsmanship. Its name and philosophy come from “ajai alai”, a Sanskrit mantra for standing in your power which translates to invincible, indestructible. The power of self-affirmation and intentionality guide everything we do, from the way they make their clothes to the way they are worn.

All pictures are made by Andrés Altamirano.