We think of a concept for every collection and throw out all the ideas that sprang our mind. This is the fun part. After discussing them, we draw some sketches. By discarding these and that we arrive to a final selection of models that do not follow any trend but our real and personal taste. We then choose the colors, materials, soles and finishes.


Welcome to Elche, the most traditional place in Spain to make shoes. All of our shoes are made there in the same way as it has always been done in Spain. Together with the artisans, we choose local products and top-quality Spanish leathers and other materials.

Sustainable Work

We work together with real artisans as a way to keep alive a traditional craftsmanship, respecting their procedures and ensuring a nice and healthy environment. Both our team and our factory respect equality of sex. In fact, women compose more than half of the team in the factory.

By working with local providers we reduce the use of energy and waste of water. Every shoe and packaging generates as little waste as possible. And when it comes to the leather, every new collection is a new step forward towards a vegan approach. Every time we do use animal leather, we do it very consciously. Covers and soles are made with high-quality vegetal materials.


When thinking through every detail of the brand, packaging is an important one we always take special care of. It is completely sustainable: it has no plastic on it, the little paper it uses is recycled, plus it is renewable so you can use it over and over again as a beautiful storage box to keep your shoes safe and sound.

Keep track of the designs because we like to make some small changes every season!