How to Care

The better you look after your shoes, the longer they will last. You just need to take care of them every few months with good shoe brushes, cloths and polish creams. Here come some tips!

How to clean them

Leather shoes: Remove mud and dirt with a clean, dry brush. Get a slightly white damp cloth to buff the rest of any dirt left and polish them by applying cream in the color of your shoes on a clean soft cloth. Work across the shoe in a circular motion. Once dry, buff them with the cloth or brush.

Patent leather shoes: These are much easier to clean than leather shoes. With a soft cloth and a little soapy water it will be fine.

Suede: A proper suede brush is definitely the best thing to brush out any mud or dirt when they are dry. Don’t brush it back and fourth, remember to do it gently, in a consistent sweeping motion.

Fabric: To clean mud off fabric shoes, use a small brush or washing up sponge, rinsing with a little water, as you need. Once mud is removed, use baking soda, washing up liquid or washing powder.

How to dry your shoes

If you do not want to end up with misshapen shoes, let them dry naturally. To speed up the process, stuff them with tissue or newspaper, it will absorb the moisture. Check them in an hour, and if necessary, remove the paper and replace it with fresh, dry pieces.

How to store your shoes

The first thing you have to do before you store any shoes is to make sure they are clean, otherwise you will find it really hard to get the dirt out. Once they are clean, keep them in a dry area and inside their boxes or bags to avoid any dust (it can leave grey marks especially on suede). Do not pack suede or leather in plastic, these materials need to breathe.

To keep your shoes even more protected while you don’t wear them, stuff the toe end with balled paper (not newspaper, it can color stain your shoes) or cut up toilet rolls.

"Buy less, choose well, make it last."
Vivienne Westwood